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Welcome to Aura Sylva Spa at La Chiusa di Chietri Grand Hotel.

SPA Opening hours

Monday to Thursday:  3pm to 9pm
Friday to Sunday: 9am to 1am – 3pm to 9pm

Aura Sylva Spa is a box of emotions where we recreated a Roman path contextualised in the beautiful land of Trulli.

The wellness face and body treatments have been designed in accordance with strict holistic philosophy and act as an elixir of long and happy life, good for mind and body.

Wellness pack

Health packages

Health is up to what we eat, so it’s important to question and understand what we eat from both physical and emotional point of view. The diet represents one of the cornerstones in the overweight and obesity treatment and related diseases; but the latest guidelines show that psychological and emotional/relational aspect are fundamental in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight.
To this effect, an effective treatment plan cannot get along with professionalism that helps and supports the patient in a program of considerable changes, not only nutrition, but also relationship changes, in order to discover and learn new balances and new styles of life. Our slimming programs are performed in parallel with emotional wellness “healthy nourishment for the spirit” programs managed by a relational Counselor to pluralistic integrated humanistic approach.

Wellness and art

SPA The Romans considers the SPA a body and mind health, fed every day thanks to the rediscovery of the properties of health benefits, which purifies, combined with the wonderful benefits of nature and art products, an inexhaustible source of harmony for the soul.

In our Aura Sylva SPA also hosts a small but valuable art gallery, made up of particularly beautiful works created with original techniques that feed the spirit on pleasant emotions. Some of our artists: Alberto Cristini e Mimmo De Felice.

Photo Gallery